What is torrent?

Torrent is supporting peer-to-peer file sharing for large amounts of data. This is one of the best and fastest ways to share big data’s. Lot of people think torrent is illegal, but it is absolutely not. Almost every big company use torrent for sharing big files. The problem is that most of the torrent user sharing illegal file via the internet. We are against this; we would like to show you the right and legal side of the torrent.

We collected the top 10 torrent site where you can download free and totally legal files. We will show you the top torrent client as well.

Illegal torrent movies make billions of loss for companies. Why is bad for you as well? Because they lost profits, sometimes they even get minus. What will they think? ‘Making movies is not a good business anymore, so we have to make cheaper (and worse) movies to get some profit’. So they will make worse and worse movie, because that’s the only way to be profitable. And what will be your reaction? You will think that: ‘all the nowadays movies are bad and I don’t want to pay for cinema ticket’. And the entire story will start from the beginning.

We believe a better world, where everybody is going to cinema or download movies from legal websites. If more and more people are joining us, movies will be better and better, and cinema tickets and downloading will be cheaper and cheaper.


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